Friday, August 12, 2005

My Hero, Nancy Pearl

Read Nancy Pearl's books and you'll add books "too good to miss" to your must-read pile. Examples? Writers like Hamilton Basso, Nevil Shute, P.G. Wodehouse, Elinor Lipman, P.F. Kluge, and Jane Gardam.

WHO is Claire McNab!

Question: who has been called "the lesbian nation's answer to the bestselling hetero mystery writer?" Check out the Aussie/American English glossary while you're at her site.

The Best Summer Books -- for Kids

Parenting experts Shelley Butler and Deb Kratz, are joined by librarian and Newberry Award Comittee member Gail Nordstrom in selecting summer's best reads.

Chick Lit and Hen Lit: Why Care?

Wendy Harmer says, "The reason I love chick-lit is that I can guarantee, as I turn the pages (sometimes stuck together with a flake of chocolate or a splash of coconut tanning oil) that I will never encounter the following: a grisly detailed autopsy, a fly-blown dead body in a back alley, a nuclear explosion, a handgun, the jammed landing gear of a private jet, the outbreak of a deadly virus or the drug-addled leader of a terrorist cell."

3 Novels Worth Talking About with Friends

"Book club members know the challenge of selecting novels that are great reads and provoke thoughtful discussions."

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jim Dale, the Voice of Harry Potter

Hey, who knew...?! Jim Dale, the guy who reads the audio versions of the Harry Potter books, wrote the lyrics to "Georgy Girl!"

Hey there, Georgy girl
Why do all the boys just pass you by?
Could it be you just don't try
Or is it the clothes you wear?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"awful books tend to make for the best book discussions".

Article on a London book group...there may be something to this theory of the worst books making for the best discussions, actually. The latest book this group found sadly lacking: Jonathan Coe's novel The Closed Circle.