Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Librarians and Book Recommendations

(photo credit for Archie McPhee's Nancy Pearl librarian action figure photo to Meri Gallego)

Another Reason to Love Ray Bradbury

A blogger from Vroman's Bookstore finds this great anecdote about Ray Bradbury.

(photo credit to vm1757)

To Librarians: On the Future of Libraries

(photo of librarian Michael Stephens from the flickr page of Michael Stephens)

Fiction and Politics

(photo credit to pmeidinger)

Do Blogs Sell Books?

Mrs. Book World talks about two excellent blogs by authors Susan Hill and Jenny Diski.

(photo credit to sfPhotocraft)

Bookplate Blog

(photo credit of Rockwell Kent bookplate to Bredlo)

What's to Read?

Bookdwarf has been reading like crazy and updates us on what's new and cool.

(photo credit to mccall76)

Lake Oswego Public Library: #1 in Oregon

Thank you, taxpayers, staff, and everyone else who makes our good customer service happen!

(the pic? It's by librarian and artist Todd Feinman and it's based on a historic photo taken on Lake Oswego)